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The Djem is a London based collaboration between Dutch artist guUs and African drummers and jazz saxophone
My Life - guUs
Misc Outtakes - the Djem


... I got some change in my pocket

to pay for the boat ride to the me to the other side

And as the man on the bridge signals us out,

the water's edge slowly creeps out of sight

On land from far I can still see

the flames reaching for the sky

They come from the towers that used to be ours 

and hours, turn into minutes, turn into seconds,

turn into an image in my head

A lifetime cramped into a moment

as I wake up in my new bed

Now that it's turned all around,

I was lost but now I'm found

this is my life, my home, my woman, these are my friends

You can only take that away if you take it from my cold dead hands

- guusmusic

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